About Us


Transmit Containers have over the years built up a reputation for supplying high quality products and excellent customer service.


We operate our modern fleet of transportation and storage containers, baskets and workshops to the highest specification in accordance with DNV 2.71 / EN12079 specification.  We also offer hire of our Hiab truck  from our Great Yarmouth base


We continue to manufacture 100% of our offshore fleet in the UK, where we can ensure that high standards are continually achieved.


Our company Director, Mr Andy Pratt, oversees all aspects of our operations, ensuring a safe working environment for his employees, high quality equipment and a service second-to-none for his clients.


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Forx more information contact us by phone on 01224 724500 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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If you cannot find the certificate you are looking for, try entering the file name without a space or use the numbers only.  For example, for container TCXU 302004,  search for TCXU302004 or 302004.